Danskin 2010 – Race Day Registration

Saturday Morning: Race Registration
I had a strict time line for the morning, as I wanted to be home in time to clean up before hosting my son’s little league team. I had it scheduled like this:
8:00 pick up Paula (my team-mate)
8:10 Starbucks
8:20 hit the highway
9:05 park at Disney
9:20 wait for registration to open.

It actually went more like this:
8:00 – head out to the car with 4-year-old attached to my leg, crying
8:10 – give up and head inside to help 4-year-old change her clothes
8:15 – leave for Paula’s
8:25 – head out from Paula’s for Starbuck’s
8:30 – get a call that I had left the house with both kids’ carseats, and my son was late for karate testing
8:33 – Paula realizes she doesn’t have her photo ID in her wallet
8:40 – drop off kids carseats at home
8:43 – meet Paula’s husband in the middle of the road to handoff ID
8:50 – STARBUCKS!!!
9:00 – hit highway
9:17 – narrowly avoid firey highway death due to asshat in a Forerunner.

After all that, it was pretty smooth sailing. We arrived at Disney at about 10:00 am and inquired about parking for race registration. The attendant kindly told us to “Follow Doppy.”

um. wut?

“Follow Doppy!”

um. k thx bai.

We opted instead to follow the car in front of us, which had a road bike strapped to the trunk. This turned out to be a Good Thing. We parked, headed over to the Mears Bus and waited. Like any Disney associated event, waiting is the theme. But that’s alright – I brought my knitting. No, really. It’s a lovely merino/bamboo/silk blend in fingering weight four-ply. It’s for socks.

I had a fun time people-watching while waiting in line. It was amazing to see such an array of women, all ages, body shapes, fitness levels. Some with no makeup, some with body glitter. All a little nervous and excited that the day had FINALLY come. Registration was the usual organized chaos. With over 1200 athletes, I thought it went smoothly. We browsed a bit ($32 for a spandex running belt! o.O) before heading home to await Race Day.


~ by Adverbia on May 11, 2010.

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