Danskin 2011 – Registration

All month long I’ve been complaining to my friends and family about how I feel as if I am running, constantly, to catch some goal that keeps moving.  Professionally and personally, everything seems to be going at breakneck speed.  I got an email this morning letting me know that the race registration for the Danskin Tri had opened.  I stared at the message on my screen for a minute, poleaxed, trying to figure out whether I had lost time.  Could it be that time of year already???

It was my intention, always, to do the Danskin again next year.  But, this morning’s email made me realize how short time has really become.  Just as weekends are a fleeting punctuation to the workweek, so is the winter nothing but a pause before the hell-for-leather preparation that comes before doing a triathlon.

Maybe the race producers knew this and decided to help me (yes, me, personally) with my goal-setting by opening the race earlier….?  Okay, maybe they just want to sell out the race quick so they can draw in some big time sponsors, fine.  The end result is the same:  I have to get off my ass and get moving, like NAO.

The sum total of my training so far has included a summer of CrossFit (more on that later), which ended in August with the start of the school year, and watching my husband come home from his nightly runs in training for his own marathon this January. (The fact that 4 weeks of running seems to have reversed time and transformed him back into the 27 year old I met hasn’t been as motivating for me as you might think)

And so I started asking myself, Do you really want to do this?

And the answer is, No.

Emphatically, no.

Do you want to get up early and run? No

Do you want to swim endless laps until it gets too cold to force your self into the water? No

Do you want to schedule bricks on your Saturdays while your kids are at karate or basketball? No

Do you want to have to convince yourself, during every workout, that you should not stop, should not take it easy, should not call it a day?  No

But, you’re going to do it anyway, aren’t you?  Yes

I don’t do this race because I think I can.  I do it because a part of me is convinced that I can’t… that there is no way I can carve out the time in my schedule… that I don’t have the energy… that my family will miss me too much… that it’s too expensive…

That part of me wants me to believe that what I’ve done is good enough, and that I don’t have to prove anything to anybody.  That girl is happy with the status quo.  My plan is to drown her in the swim.  And if that fails, I’ll run her over with my bike.  And if I can’t do that, I’ll leave her behind in the run.  She’s bad news, that girl.  She’ll buy you ice cream and then ask you if you’re seriously going out in that bikini.  She’ll feed you doughnuts for breakfast and teach your kids that Wii baseball is better than playing outside.  She’s remarkably resilient, and I’ll probably never be totally rid of her, but if registering in November instead of February will shut her up for an extra three months, then let me get my credit card.


~ by Adverbia on November 1, 2010.

One Response to “Danskin 2011 – Registration”

  1. Wow…
    Kudos for the iron-will.

    I thought this was gonna be a lesson in listening to the ¨no¨ sometimes, but that was not the case! Good luck with your training and wishing you an AWESOME TRIATHLON 🙂

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